Henna Artist Insurance

Henna Artist Insurance

Henna is a flowering plant used for centuries to dye skin, hair and clothing. The henna plant is most often traded as a powder made by drying, milling and sifting the leaves, at which point the powder is mixed with lemon juice, tea, or other liquid to make a paste used to paint on the skin. Black Henna is excluded on our policy.

Professional and general liability insurance can protect you from financial losses in the case a client believes the service you provided caused their illness or injury. Often when you provide your service at a location that someone else owns such as an event venue, they will not protect you and require you to have your own professional liability insurance.

It's simple, low-cost, and instant! To see a list of coverage provided, please see our Coverages page.

  • Best coverage limits and lowest rates for professional henna artists.
  • Enhances your professional reputation as a henna artist.
  • Mobile coverage in all 50 states that protects you wherever you provide your services!
  • Instant coverage & proof online in less than 10 minutes!

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