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Kriya Massage, developed by Kamala Renner in 1970, is different from

any traditional bodywork training because of the emphasis on the intuitive

aspect by the practitioner in flowing with the “Kriya” movement while

performing the massage. Kriya is defined as spontaneous energy movement.
 Kriya Massage
Kriya Massage is an art form that integrates the universal, life-affirming flow of energy between

the practitioner and client, with any classical massage techniques integrated into the dance.
Kriya Massage is a bodywork dance with the individual creating her own style in

harmony with four universal forces. The strokes and techniques used in Kriya 

Massage are a combination of energy work, Swedish, neuromuscular, and 

somato-emotional release work done in a connected smooth pattern.
The experience of a Kriya Massage is one of stepping out of time and space

as a means of taking inventory of one’s condition, then allowing the subconscious to

shift and adjust programmed responses to life. The healing quality of Kriya Massage

is accomplished by transforming attitudes. Giving, as well as receiving, 

a Kriya Massage is a regenerating experience. (Adapted from Holistic Health Directory.)




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Property Coverage
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Identity Recovery Coverage
Identity Coverage Limit    $15,000
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**Please note these are brief definitions of coverages and your policy may be more restrictive in its language. 

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