Application FAQ

Can I use one email if I complete several applications for different people? NO, each application (account) must have a unique email address. This is for security reasons, as well as to insure that errors do not occur.

What address do I put on the application? Please use your best mailing address so we can send any important information, renewal notices, etc., to you.  The plan covers you at every address as long as you are abiding by state and local laws.

Can I do my application over the phone? Yes, however, we recommend that, for the most efficient service, you complete the application online. Phone, faxed, or mailed applications may take longer to process, usually 24-48 hours.
 *Additional "fees" apply to phone applications.
Online applications are instant with proof sent to your email and in your account center the moment you pay.


I completed my application, but when I hit review it does nothing. Why? If you stay on the application page, first check whether all the *Mandatory fields are completed. All fields must be filled in, or it will keep you on the page.

Where can I find a printable application? Please click below to download the "offline" application. You can mail, email, or fax this to us anytime. Once we receive it, we will issue you a certificate, make you an online account, and send an email confirmation.

Printable / Fill-in Application

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