Business Insurance

How do I apply for insurance coverage?

Step 1 Click BUY POLICY on the site menu (left).
Step 2 Complete Form
Step 3 Make secure payment by credit card
Step 4 Submit

That's it! You're covered!

When is my membership and insurance active?
Instantly! As soon as your application and payment are received, your membership and insurance are active. Applications take less than 10 minutes!

How long does it take to get my confirmation of insurance/membership?
Confirmation is sent instantly to your email, and you will be able to access your account information and print your certificate and/or policy directly from your online account.

I work in several locations. Will this plan cover me in any location?
Yes, coverage follows you everywhere you teach or provide your service in the United States. 
You must be abiding by state and local laws for your specific trade for the insurance to be valid.

Can I add my business name to my policy? 
Yes, your business name can be added to your policy at no cost to you. If you need to list a business name other than your own, this would be listed as an additional insured.

Can I add my employees or independent contractors to my policy?
No, this policy is designed for one individual professional. Each professional must have their own policy.

How do I retrieve my proof of insurance if I need it again?
At any time, you can login to your account center and go to "my policies". 
Click the policy you need proof of, and you will see a link to download all your documents.

What are my coverage limits?

General & Professional Aggregate Limit  $3 Million

Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit $3 Million

Personal & Advertising Injury Limit (Included)

General & Professional each occurrence limit $2 Million

Damage to Premises Rented to you Limit $300,000

Business Personal Property / Inland Marine Limit $2,000 (Deductible $150)

Identity Recovery Limit $15,000 (Deductible $250)

Are property, equipment, and theft covered on my plan?

It depends on the kind and cost. Technically, tangible property used for business is what the coverage is for under the Business Personal Property Inland Marine ($2,000 limit). 

If it is more than $2000 and it is permanently fixed into the floor or wall (basically not movable), then no.

Theft of property under the Inland Marine section is covered as long as there is physical evidence of the theft; unexplained loss, mysterious disappearance or inventory shortage is not considered a theft and is not covered under our policy.  For example, if you have business property in the back of your truck and when you return from an errand it is gone, that will be considered mysterious disappearance and no coverage will respond.  If the property was in the cab of the truck and the window was broken, physical evidence of a theft is apparent, and the policy would respond.

What types of trades do the insurance programs cover?
We cover over 500 services/trades  

  • Massage Therapy (Includes Hot Stone, Alexander Technique)
  • Bodywork (Including Reflexology and Acupressure)
  • Energy Work (Including Reiki, Tai Chi and Polarity Therapy)
  • Yoga Teachers (including Kripalu, Bikram and Kundalini)
  • Animal Therapies (Includes Equine Massage)
  • Esthetician (Includes Microdermabrasion)
  • Cosmetologist (Includes Permanent Waves & Wig Stylist)
  • Nail Technicians (Includes Manicures & Pedicures ) 
  • Fitness (Includes Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors)
  • Dance (Includes Zumba, Belly Dancing)

If you do not see a trade listed, feel free to contact us to verify.

Who is the insurance carrier?
Effective July 2012, our new carrier is Great American Insurance Group. Prior to this time, the carrier was Essex.
Both companies have an "A" Rating.

Why did we change our carrier?
To offer the best coverage for the best price in the industry, of course.
We continuously get feedback from members about what is needed and work hard with our broker to design an exclusive, top-rated plan for our members.

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