Payment FAQ

Do you offer payment plans? 
We do not offer payment plans at this time. Full payment is due at the time of the application.

Can I purchase membership with insurance for 6 months or less? 
No, the insurance and membership is for one year ONLY and cannot be pro-rated.

Why does my credit card statement show a charge from Alternative Balance or ABInsurance? 
If you purchased membership/insurance with a credit card or debit card, your statement will
show a charge from Alternative Balance. Depending on your merchant descriptions, it
could also show several different other forms of our name abbreviated. 

My online payment failed.  What do I do? 
If your payment fails, you have a choice to try again.  
The most common reason for payment failure is when the card numbers are entered incorrectly. Please be sure that all digits match before submitting the application. If all of the numbers are correct and it still will not work, please try another card.

My online payment failed once, then I made a payment and it went through. Why do I show two charges?
When you attempt to make a payment, a pre-authorization is done. 
When it fails, it is denied, but a pre-auth may still show on your account with your
institution.  However, it is removed "automatically", usually within 2-3 business days depending on your institution.

Since technology is so fast, people who view online accounts can see pre-auths, etc., which normally 
would never be shown (usually on a printed statement say via mail).  It is only our quick view now of our
online accounts that we see this before it is actually removed.

Your account will only be charged once, and you will see only one charge once this pre-auth is removed.

When I hit submit, I get an error that says "Transaction blocked by FMF settings".  What does this mean?
FMF means Fraud Management Filter. It is a block on your credit card that will not allow companies to
process the card through Paypal. Please use a different card to pay online that doesn't have these settings.
You can also mail in the print application with a check.

Can someone else pay for my membership/insurance? 
Yes, although we do welcome other party payments, please make sure your name is shown on the check
or mailed payment clearly to enable us to link the payment to your account. If another party pays online for you, please make sure
your party knows about this charge and what their statement will read.

Who will receive my receipt or renewal if I don't pay myself? 
You are always going to be responsible for your account no matter who pays. 
All receipts and invoices will be in your name and sent directly to you.

Can I cancel my policy and get a refund? 
NO.  Since you are automatically enrolled in the system once an application
has been accepted, we are unable to provide a refund. All fees paid to Alternative Balance in relation to your 
application are non-refundable, unless your application is refused by Alternative Balance.

Can my membership be pro-rated? No. All memberships are for a full year. We do not pro-rate.

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