What are the requirements for membership with insurance?
For the membership with insurance to be valid, you must at all times be abiding by all state and local laws regarding your specific trade(s).

Why are there no hourly training requirements for membership?
Since we work with over 500 trades and all 50 states, we simply cannot expect everyone to follow the same requirements.  Accordingly, we break it down by individual state/service. We believe this is the fairest way for our members, as one should not be required to follow another state's laws if they are not practicing there.

I work in several states and work in different trades.  Will I be covered?
Yes, this coverage will follow you wherever you go as long as you follow the specific state laws regarding the service you provide.

Am I required to list my license or show proof of my certification?
Though we do ask for a license or certification number on your application, it simply is not required by us or our agent(s). If a claim is submitted, the insurance company may ask for proof of licensure or certification at that time to make sure you were legally operating.

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